Don’t let fear and scarcity steer your strategy
Posted on January 12, 2023

Remember when Michael Banks wouldn’t give his tuppence to the man at the bank? Yes, I’m talking about Mary Poppins.

People heard him yelling, “Give me back my money” and everyone freaked out.

These grown humans freaked out and all started pulling their money from the bank. Word got out and there was a run 🏃🏻‍♀️ on the bank 🏦…all because of a little kid.

>>Fear and scarcity steering your strategy do not serve your businesses.<<

Another way of saying it….get yourself to neutral before you implement anything in your business.

If you’re pulling back on getting support, decreasing your marketing, or starting to lean out (whatever that looks like for you) you are making long-term strategic decisions based on short-term circumstances.

Get to neutral. However, that looks for you (contact me if you need some ideas).

But getting to neutral is the best place we can make decisions for our business in any economy.

Let other people freak out, put stuff on sale, and minimize their results.

YOU can create wealth while other people are feeding into the doom-and-gloom story. 🙌

History has shown us so many people who can make wild money when everyone else is tapping out. AND do it from a place of integrity not from a place of taking advantage of people

I lovingly challenge you to see how you can go all in on yourself and your message.
Recently, I shared how I recently had my biggest cash month and paid myself $🔟k.
I’m not going to give in to fear and scarcity.

When everyone else is losing their head how do you get to neutral and make clear strategic decisions?