Don’t Leave Me High
Posted on September 4, 2020

“Don’t leave me dry.” -Radiohead

No one wants to be left high and dry, especially in the workplace! Section 110 has been added to FMLA Sec. 3102 Amendments. Many employees are struggling to work/telework and care for children who are not in school or childcare due to closures with this public health emergency.

There is only one qualifying reason for leave under the EFMLEA: Employee leave to care for his/her child whose school or childcare provider is closed due to public order reasons related to COVID-19.

EFMLEA has unpaid and paid leave periods. The initial two weeks of EFMLEA leave is “unpaid” but the employee may choose to use paid sick leave or PTO, at the same time as unpaid EFMLEA leave.

Up to 10 weeks paid leave are available. The hours of leave are paid at 2/3 the employee’s regular rate of pay. Employer does not have to pay more than $200 day or $10,000 total under EFMLEA.

Yes, this may be raising more questions than answering but these are complex provisions and are worth businesses looking into if your employees may be affected!

Sullivan’s Island, SC