Does business coaching actually ‘work’?
Posted on January 23, 2024

What if 1:1 business coaching doesn’t give me a ROI?
Does business coaching actually ‘work’?

Those are legit questions and here’s my POV and sharing actual numbers to back it up.

These results are the increase in NET INCOME my 1:1 clients had in 2023 (actual anonymous screenshots from their books).

Their results/ROI are to the tune of thousands and thousands of $$$.
**I use net income over cash/revenue because more net income means more take home $ for my clients.**

Any businesses can increase revenue but they typically increase their expenses too…so at the end of the day…they don’t have more money.

Not my clients.

Look at these amazing results and help me to celebrate them! 🎉🔥💰

Client 1- Service provider increased her net income $15,081. 🔥

Client 2- Service provider increased her net income $3824 in Q4. 🎉

Client 3- Service provider went from a net loss of $132k to positive $82,033…an increase of $214k.🤯

Client 4- Product business increased $121,400. She went from net loss of $915 to net income of $120k 💰.

Client 5- Service based business and he went from $84,873 to $148,305…an increase of $63k🍾!

Client 6- This example is me 😉 I increased cash this year by $30,255! 👏🏻
I switched to an Scorp this year (and put myself on payroll) so comparing net income doesn’t make sense.

My clients blow me away! Especially in a year where so many businesses lost money or only maintained…these biz owners are rockstars and I want to shout it from the rooftop!

These results are possible for YOU. These are moms/dads/wives/husbands/school volunteers…they are you.

If you’re ready to rock your net income in 2024, your first best step is some free support!

Comment “$10k” for a link to book your call in January! 📲 Together we’ll look at your content strategy and find the gap to close so that you fill your client roster and make those holy grail $10k months 🔥

And last but not least…I wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year! 😘

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