Do you let your kids win board games?
Posted on November 26, 2022

I’m asking because I’m pretty damn good at Guess Who? Yes, the game with the faces and names on the little cards where you try to guess your opponent’s person.

My daughter received it for her birthday 🥳 and we’ve had SO much fun with it. The problem is she likes asking who it is one name at a time. Sometimes she gets lucky and gets it the first try but mostly it’s a long drawn-out process of pecking through the entire list of names.

The reason I’m such a good player is that I ask the right questions (and “YES” I’m trying to teach this to her but she likes her method)!

Asking the right question is so important when playing Guess Who? AND when running a business!

We can easily look at a ‘problem’ in our business and just as easily find someone we can pay to ‘fix’ it! This is the online space…there is someone to sell you literally anything!

🤔 Maybe you *think* your email list isn’t big enough.
🤔 Maybe you *think* paid ads will get you more clients.
🤔 Maybe you *think* you need some ‘secret’ sales process to convert potential clients into paying clients.

Whatever “it” is someone is out there to take your money for it. And I’m not saying to never pay someone for support – NOT at all!

I’m just saying, let’s get clear on the PROBLEM first before we go out and get ‘answers’ from someone else.

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