Do you know what my middle child taught me about booking more clients and making more money?
Posted on October 9, 2022

Marie recently had her sixth birthday and she’s been looking forward to it for MONTHS. 🎉

Watching her older sister have her birthday in August and receive so many new clothes was hard for her. 🎁

She loves clothes and changing outfits. When she saw her sister open all of her new clothes, Marie immediately went to her room and cleared out her clothes drawer!

She went all in and cleaned OUT her dresser drawer! Outfits that she wears all the time but didn’t quite fit anymore were ‘OUT’ and there was all this open space.

Energetically, she *knew* that if she wanted new clothes she had to make space for them.

Maybe the same is true for you in business and booking more clients and making more money? In order to make ‘space’ for amazing, soul-aligned clients, sometimes you have to clear out the ones who aren’t a fit anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️

👉 Maybe at the beginning of your business, you said ‘Yes’ to some work that wasn’t really aligned but you didn’t want to turn down money.

👉 Maybe you are working with people who are no longer a fit but they pay their invoices. Just like the clothes we keep in our closet for that ‘one day’ we may need them.

If you can ‘clear out your closest’ (energetically speaking) we can make space for the people who ARE a good fit!

It is SO uncomfortable at first! But…when we create space for the ‘right’ people (or new clothes) to come in, guess what? They do!

I’ve had to do this in my business (multiple times). With the changes, I’ve made from bookkeeping to advisory I just can’t support everyone. I’d rather go deep than wide, as I say and some people were just no longer a fit.

Recently two of my long-term bookkeeping clients closed up shop and another client we had to let go (it was no longer a fit). That was 3️⃣ clients and around $1300 in revenue suddenly gone in 1️⃣ month.

Instead of focusing on the money that ‘left’ I chose to *see* the space for three new amazing clients that would walk in and need my new services. Services that are SO much more aligned to the work I love doing and will easily replace the ‘loss’. In ONE month we had those spots filled AND replaced that revenue/income just like Marie filled her closet in a short time after clearing out her dresser drawers!

How can you energetically ‘clean up’ your business and make space for the ‘right’ clients to come in and more aligned revenue?