Did you know a ‘boring’ system will create more income, peace, profitability, AND enjoyment in your business?
Posted on September 9, 2022

So often we think ‘boring’ systems mean the business is boring…that is false! ❌

There is a small but distinct difference! Having your social media content, team processes, bookkeeping, sales tax, reporting, etc be set up and ‘boring’ is what allows your business to expand and be exciting! 🙌 Y

ou may disagree but hear me out! When you give yourself the space to have a solid foundation in your business (aka well-oiled machine) your brain gets to focus on all the other fun things you love about your business!

Think about your unique abilities and why you started a business. I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with creating online content to draw people in, paying team members, entering/reconciling your bank accounts, and making sure your checking account has enough money.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and ‘busy’ in your business with all.the.things take a step back and reassess. Do I need to set up ‘boring’ systems so I can have more fun in my business?

Some examples of ‘boring’ systems are:

👉 having your social media content teased out for the upcoming weeks

👉 creating a sales process that runs on autopilot and always has people at different points in the journey

👉 books entered/reconciled each month (and sending W9 forms to subcontractors)

👉 watching your money on a weekly basis 👉 having a system for sales tax This is how you step up and take action so you can increase your peace AND profit in your business!

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Jordan Ilderton