Delete Unsolicited Advice
Posted on January 12, 2023

These are the things I receive emails and DMs about every week. 👇

👉 My posts are too long.
👉 I don’t share enough personal stuff.
👉 I don’t do enough (or sometimes any) trending audio reels.
👉 My funnels could be better.
👉 My website copy could be updated and grammar definitely reviewed.

These are things that someone has deemed I’m doing ‘wrong’. Yes, these people are selling me answers to my ‘problem’ that they see. 🙄

Guess what?

I’m a 6️⃣-figure business. I’m (almost) fully booked. I have a 💯% client renewal rate. My clients get amazing support to know their business and create more profit and cash for them. The people on my free calls walk away and book clients or take action in their QBO or know how to pay themself more.

“The A+ students end up working for the C+ students” my friend’s dad used to say!

If I spent more time and money on these things- I would be LESS profitable. I wouldn’t serve my clients (or future clients) nearly as well because I would be busy with these *problems*. I would be lighting money on fire to *fix* something that isn’t relevant to me making money.

I delete the emails and DMs and move on.

{Side note: YES I am open to feedback but it’s from trustworthy people who know me and my business!}

Unsolicited advice gets deleted and I move on. This type of focus and discernment has been one of THE biggest ways I create Peace AND profit in my business. ☮️💰

I would love to hear from you…how are you discerning in business on where to put your focus? Also, what sort of unsolicited business advice have you been given?