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*Adding $8k In A “Test” Launch From One Strategy Tweak*


It is WILD when one simple strategy *that you can implement now* can get you at least $8k in additional revenue.

This case study has the data to back up the sales tweak my client implemented that increased her original revenue five-fold in her ‘test’ launch.

I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits-all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.

Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!


She had a new ‘test’ offer that she wanted to roll out.  She was excited about it and we went for a ‘messy’ launch to get it out ASAP rather than wait until every.single.piece was perfect.  I love how excited she was to roll this out and it was fun to see her lit up.

This was launched only to her waitlist for another offer and then to her private FB group.  So the people she brought this to were a warm audience.  Her cart was only open for two weeks and she was building the launch promos as we went!

Initially, only two people bought…my client was frustrated AF…I would even say she was mad at her audience.  Why weren’t they buying?  Didn’t they know what a great offer this was?  She felt like she was over-delivering for the price and felt ‘cheated’ by her audience.

Once we shifted her mindset -strategy – organization -implement from a “Me” perspective and put the focus on her potential clients….the floodgates opened up!  Eight people signed up and bought before her cart closed.  9 out of 10 purchases were the higher “VIP option” and she finished her launch with over $10k in a ‘test’ launch that she went into ‘messy’.

Let’s talk about each phase of my framework!


She had a ‘grand slam’ offer and couldn’t understand why they weren’t buying.  Since this was a warm audience I asked her to have some compassion for them.  If they weren’t buying it was because either A) they didn’t realize how this could help them or B) they were too f’n scared to go all in on themselves and buy this.

I reminded her that no one was getting on her waitlist with the mindset of “Hahaha I’m going to get on this waitlist and never buy!”  Ain’t nobody doing that…if they aren’t buying she needs to focus on the potential buyer.  NOT the results or revenue she wanted from this launch.

Her only goal was to focus on her audience, have some compassion, and understand what they needed.


The strategy to focus on her audience included lots of personal outreach!  She needed to understand why the original two people purchased…what brought them over the fence?  She also needed to understand why the other people weren’t buying.

I asked her to reach out to each person from a place of, “Help me understand.”  She was SO sold on her offer and that it was THE thing to support her audience.  This made it so much easier to shout it from the rooftops and have these conversations.

She didn’t approach the conversations from a “Sorry to bother you…” energy.  She literally came from a “I know this is the sh** and I’m curious what’s holding you back from buying.”

She did personal emails, and personal DMs and even hopped on a call with a couple of people.  Her job was to go all IN and understand them!


This was a ‘messy’ launch… meaning…she was taking action before she was ‘ready’!  Which I loved!  She didn’t have an official landing page and hadn’t finished all the backend pieces to update this new offer…but she had links for people to buy and purchase and we went for it anyway!

We saved the emails that she sent as she received new information from personal outreach.  These emails will turn into a sales page and will be repurposed for sales promos the next time she launches.  

Since she was writing these sales emails in real time, we pulled the feedback she was getting from personal outreach.  So many people just did not understand all the ways her offer could help them and solve the problem they had.  So she made it very clear why this was THE thing they needed to solve their problem.  She started speaking to their objections head-on and started giving her audience the ‘permission’ they needed to feel safe to buy.

We have so much setup for the next launch because she has saved all of this in her ‘inventory’ bank to reuse and repurpose.  The next launch will be a well-oiled machine thanks to her organization of everything she put out this time!


She wanted to tap out so many times!  This is a client I’ve worked with for years and I know her pattern.  The second a strategy ‘doesn’t work’ she wants a new one…maybe ads, maybe a different funnel, maybe fancy reels are the thing…I lovingly reminded and reflected this pattern to her.  

I supported her to STAY IN IT.  I supported her in doing the personal outreach even though it was so uncomfortable for her and she would have rather just ‘found a new audience’.

I supported her to have conversations from a neutral standpoint..not making it about her or her offer or that she wasn’t good enough or couldn’t have what she wanted.  SO much mindset trash can come up during times like this!  It is so important to have someone work with you 1:1 to remind you it’s not about you and put the focus back on your potential clients.


  1. Come at any ‘problem’ or challenge with a neutral viewpoint.  Have someone support you if this it too difficult.  So often we make our revenue and results about us…we can’t think clearly if we make decisions when our nervous system is all jacked up!  Get 1:1 support…because this is a game-changer!
  2. Take your sales conversation or promo and focus on the person in front of you. Do they understand your offer and how it can help them?  What do they need to give themself permission or to feel safe making this investment?  Focus on THEM and what they need…not that you want $X revenue or to book another client.  Focus on the relationship…not the transaction.
  3. Do things before you’re ‘ready’!  If she had waited until every part of this launch was ‘perfect’ she would have waited months and not made the $10k THIS month.  She now has an organized system for next time and doesn’t have to re-create it all!

    I am SO thrilled to share this client case study with you!  While their ‘problem’ may not be the *exact* problem you have in your business you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework AND some basic bookkeeping processes.

    The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!



    *How We ‘Found’ $34k of revenue, $13k and $30k More Net Profit, AND Saved Clients $20k-$60k Annually*


    This isn’t just one client’s case study, this is a mash-up of 4 of them!

    You can do everything ‘right’ in your business but if your numbers are sh** it’s really hard to increase net income and increase your owner pay.

    This is so obvious AND yet one of the most overlooked areas as an entrepreneur.

    I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.

    Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!


    Let’s just list them out here:

    -We found $34k in ONE month that our client thought she had been paid by her client…turned out there were processing errors in her books and her clients had NOT actually paid her that money.  Because we found this she contacted her client and collected her $34k!

    -We decreased a client’s expenses by $30k annually just by changing how he processed payments.

    -We ‘found’ $13k of net profit from Jan-April 2023 for a client just because they had some accounting errors in their books.

    -We decreased another client’s expenses by $60k annually because he was paying monthly subscriptions that he wasn’t fully utilizing!

    We actually have a few more but I’ll just keep this simple.


    These clients were open to taking a good look at their numbers.  SO often business owners want to make business more complicated.  They think they need a fancier website, or new branding photos, or they need to create an entirely new offer, and…and…and…

    I’m not saying any of that is bad BUT take an honest look at your numbers first!  This should be so obvious except…it’s not.  

    Our human brains get a good dopamine hit when we purchase and download that new course, or we book a call with the web designer, or we get some fun new photos taken!  Our brains think it’s solving a problem (the problem being profitability) with these types of actions…yet….these numbers and our stats don’t lie!

    *Truth Bomb*

    Increasing your cash by $34k doesn’t happen from a website refresh or branding photos!

    (I’m using ACTUAL client results…sorry not sorry).


    For every single client…our strategy is being a detective and looking at the data and numbers in their business.  It’s actually pretty simple but being a detective and asking questions will get you SO far.

    On a monthly basis, we are eyeball deep in their numbers!  We do their bookkeeping in-house so we know the accounts are reconciled, we know what invoices are outstanding, we know that every transfer between accounts is categorized correctly, and we know expenses are correct.

    When a new client starts with us…they know I will be all in their data!  I take a magnifying glass to their books and we just start looking for what we can find and asking questions!

    Sometimes clients have done something for so long that they ‘forget’ there is another way to do it!  A good example are one client’s credit card fees he was paying $30k a year for.  We literally turned this option off of his invoices…just to see what happened.  He got ZERO pushback from his clients.  They didn’t bat an eye!  

    Full context: he is working with clients who already have money…not someone who is trying to make their first few thousand dollars…that’s important to note here!

    Or maybe a client doesn’t realize there are some holes in their systems and processes for collecting payment.

    Or maybe their previous bookkeeper actually had NO idea what they were doing or were just too busy to take a careful eye to their books.

    Wherever the client is… is perfect…we just get super curious from the start!


    We have a well-oiled machine when it comes to our bookkeeping services to our clients.  Our bookkeeper has been with me for two years and we are in constant communication.  

    We know we’ll have our numbers ready for client sessions.  Based on our client sessions and the data we need it is easy for me to communicate with her any changes we need to make.

    We use a platform called Teamwork, so we know who is doing what, by what date, we share files and messages.  Basically, at any point in time, I can see where we are in the monthly bookkeeping process.

    This is so *basic* but so many business owners don’t have this tight relationship with their bookkeeper!  It shocks me that some people literally don’t even know what they’re paying for!


    After we take a deep dive into the numbers we create some actions.  Credit card fees are high?  Let’s take that off the invoice as an option.

    We’ve been paying $5k a month for website services we aren’t even using…let’s cancel that!

    We thought we had $34k in revenue that we didn’t actually collect from our client…let’s followup with them and collect the cash!

    We were incorrectly categorizing sales tax as an expense instead of a liability?  Let’s hit the liability account so we decrease that liability appropriately AND increase our net profit because sales tax isn’t a P&L item…it goes on the balance sheet.


    1. Be a detective in your business!  Your numbers are there…whether you use them or not!  Start asking questions and making adjustments based on the data at your fingertips!  You can find out so much by digging into your monthly profit and loss.  Look at it monthly and compare it to the same month prior year.  Look at each quarter and compare to the same quarter last year.  I think it’s helpful to look a the monthly numbers AND not get too hung up on any one month.  We’re looking at the trajectory over time…are you increasing revenue?  Are you increasing overall profit?  Or maybe you implemented new team members…keep watch to make sure your profit margin goes back up!
    2. Reconcile your bank and credit card accounts every month!  And any other account with a statement (loans, paypal, venmo).  This is HUGE in finding payments that weren’t actually collected.
    3. Look at your expenses by vendor on a regular basis…whether it’s annually or quarterly.  LItrally…run a P&L and click on each expense account and sort by vendor.  If you can’t sort by vendor in QBO, export it to excel and sort there!  You want to see how much you’re paying each vendor overall.  There may be instances when different vendors are doing the same thing and you can cancel one.  Or maybe you’re paying for services that you just aren’t utilizing fully…like website or social media services but you’re literally not sending anyone to your website or you’re not showing up online.

    I am SO thrilled to share this client case study with you!  While their ‘problem’ may not be the *exact* problem you have in your business you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework AND some basic bookkeeping processes.

    The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!




    From Feeling Like Sh** (And Not Good Enough) To Killing It – A Case Study


    The online space is kind of a mindf*** because you can see what everyone is doing.  You can see their strategy.  You can see their client wins.  You can see their offers and pricing.  You can see their revenue and take-home pay.

    It’s basically like you’re walking by their house after dark and seeing what they’re doing through the window… their house is immaculately clean and the entire family is happily cleaning up after dinner together!


    Even business owners who have been in business for almost five years can get into this cycle of comparisonitis…this feeling slows results AND doesn’t feel good.

    I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.

    Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!



    She had been in business for over 5 years (which is longer than 40-50% of all businesses).  On average, she’s generated around $100k per year (I’m behind the scenes with so many different businesses and generating that much revenue is NOT the norm).  AND she is a unicorn within her industry…creating offers that weren’t even on the market before she came along.

    But somewhere along the way, she started looking more at what other people were doing.  She started looking at their revenue and take-home pay results.  She started seeing how much time they were taking off.  And started looking at their offers and pricing.

    This did not bode well for her enjoyment of being a business owner OR her revenue results.  She had thoughts of shutting down her business.  Letting go of the small team she had built over the years.  Thinking she was a ‘bad’ business owner.  Thinking she wasn’t ‘far enough’ along. Rethinking all of her offers and pricing.

    I wanted to make sure she expressed her frustrations…not just put them in a ‘everything is fine’ box and close the lid.  So we had to dive deep so she could process all of her feelings.  THEN she was able to take a neutral look at her business.  What SHE wanted.  What HER offers and pricing looked like.  And what SHE wanted from the business.

    Once we worked through all that…she did not close her business, she didn’t fire the team, and she felt so.much.better.

    Let’s talk about each phase of my framework!


    First, we had to go deep with her mindset. We needed to give her the space to process her frustrations and feelings.  I think this is such a skipped-over step.  Business owners (and their coaches) are so afraid to go there and afraid of what will come up when they do allow space for their feelings. 

    Another coach may have looked at her data and said, “You’re fine!”  But I really wanted to make sure that we didn’t skip this uncomfortable process.  She let it all out in multiple ways.  

    The biggest mistake I see business owners make is having these feelings and implementing them without getting to neutral first.  Once she let out all of her fears (we even did a fear inventory) she didn’t feel as much in fight or flight.

    We also started to celebrate the fact that others offered similar.  She wasn’t going to beat the competition by trying to beat the competition (from the book Blue Ocean).  She needed to rewire her thinking to see that her ‘competition’ wasn’t even in the same ocean as she was!  Her approach was SO different than what anyone in her industry was doing and we got SO clear on what set her apart.


    She actually became relieved that others offered similar products…that meant she could be more choosy about the clients she worked with because she knew there were other places they could buy!  This was actually a big relief and she could see how she attracted the RIGHT clients to her and the others could still be served by someone else!



    Once she was in a neutral place we were able to look at her strategy.  Her current offer had run a few times and she had tweaked along the way with what she learned.  Looking at everyone else’s offers from a neutral stance…she could see some aspects of those offers that would fit the way she wanted her offer to now look.

    This was a very intentional process that stemmed from getting clear on what she wanted first!  Then we cherry-picked the pieces she had seen/heard online to apply them to the way she rolled out her offer.

    We also got clear that she needed to decrease her social media consumption…something she *knew* she needed to do but it had become a habit and she hadn’t realized how much she was doing it.  This was a simple reset…make sure she’s connecting and creating MOST of the time on social and keep the consumption to a smaller %.



    We rolled the new modified offer out to her very warm leads first.  These were people who had already raised their hand to buy.  They had been in her audience for a while and were primed to buy the original offer.

    For the first buyers of the modified offer, we gave them a bigger ‘early bird’ discount and primed them to give feedback after it ran.  We also promoted that the price will go up as it continues to roll out but the first people onboard get the biggest discount.

    We wanted to bring her people along her journey and let them know this serves this better in this capacity AND they get discounted pricing for being the first to participate. 


    The backend needed some tweaking and adjusting.  She was able to go in and change parts of the course but parts of it we decided to leave as it was…it just wasn’t worth the effort for the slight changes.

    The ‘bones’ of it were complete and it just didn’t need a complete rework.  We did create new opt-ins to lead into it.  The pricing was different and the structure so we tailored the low and medium offers funneling into it to better support the potential buyers.

    We reworked what she was selling and the promos for that.  Yes…it was more work but felt more aligned with her new offer.



    1. Get to neutral!  YES let yourself feel the feelings and be frustrated…don’t skip that part.  But before you do any big (or small) changes in your business or strategy…get to neutral.  This is a great area to have support.  It can be SO hard to see how we can let one situation or temporary circumstance affect our business for weeks, months, and years.  You may decide to make these big changes but it will serve your happiness, clients, and revenue so much more when done from a strategic and intentional place.
    2. Keep your head down and on your own paper but not in the sand!  There is a fine line…we can’t totally ignore everything around us.  Before you go online…set an intention.  Is it to create and connect or is it just for fun/consumption?  Then set a timer and hold yourself to it!
    3. Use your own data and insights.  She had run this program twice already so we had some juicy data from what previously worked and what her previous participants liked.  We used that in conjunction with the changes she saw others making.  We were able to beautifully combine these for a better offer that felt good to her, still served the sh** out of her people, and brought her more revenue with less in-person work on her end.


      I am SO thrilled to share this client case study with you!  While their ‘problem’ may not be the *exact* problem you have in your business you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework AND some basic bookkeeping processes.

      The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!


      *Building Self Trust AND Increasing Gross Profit By 173%*

      So many business owners feel like their revenue number is the end all be all of business.

      I am here to tell you that’s not the case but to give you perspective on what is!

      This client not only increased Q1 gross profit by 173% from 2022 to 2023 (which was $55k) but he also learned major lessons in self-trust which is THE key to building and scaling on this level.

      I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.

      Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!


      There are two *results* I want to talk about here.  Let’s talk numbers first because that’s always what people are initially interested in.

      His revenue in Q1 from 2022 to 2023 stayed pretty steady.  There wasn’t much of an increase…at least not worth talking about.

      His Gross Profit (revenue – cost of labor) increased by 173%!  The 173% increase equated $55,000.  This is wild AND so much more beneficial than just increasing revenue.  His revenue can stay the same but what he/the business brings home was up 173% which is HUGE.

      The second result that is key is how much he’s built up his self-trust.  For many years in business, he relied on someone else to ‘know better’.  In many ways, he handed over his power to whoever had his ear at the time.

      That is no longer the case.  He continues to do his mindset work to create the safety and self-trust that he needs to have these massive shifts in increased gross profit.

      When he got clear that HE is the CEO and stood in his power…he became unstoppable!


      Having self-trust in business is a game changer and working on mindset is the foundational piece that makes it happen.  When he was clear on what results he wanted he set the stage to make it happen.  He also had me to reflect to him how well he navigated SO many challenges that can come up with growth.  Without me holding the mirror to him, he would have forgotten all these wins the second they happened.  Without me holding the mirror to him, he would not have given himself credit for how he showed up as the CEO.  Without me holding the mirror, he would have continued the belief that everyone else must ‘know better’ than he did.


      Our strategy to create these massive results was based around two things….creating self-trust and safety within himself AND outside of himself.  My opinion is that it’s good to do both.  

      We literally set up ways for him to look at his cash flow every single week (down to what day he did it and what information he pulled to view).  We set up how he was going to pay off debt.  We got him super clear on the profitability of each job and leaned into ways to continue to increase his profit margins from a logistical standpoint.  

      Creating the safety and self-trust within him…goes back into the mindset piece.  We can’t have strategy without some mindset work and mindset work is supported by strategy.  They can run in parallel lines.  During the mindset work, we dove into the ‘thing under the thing’ and why he didn’t have the self-trust.  We leaned into situations from his past where he lost that self-trust.  We navigated how he was rebuilding and recreating it NOW.


      We set up his “Money Mondays” and he knew each week he was to look at his checking account and credit card balances.  We made a list of each credit card with the balance and the interest rate.  We identified which cards would be the first priority to pay off.  We created a minimum balance for his checking account.  We identified how much he would round up his credit card payments to start chipping away at the balances.

      Fridays were the day that he was to look at the profitability of the current projects he had open.  Were they on budget?  We wanted him to have an eye on profitability BEFORE the project ended so he could make some real-time adjustments before it ended and he just had to say, ‘Oops we missed the mark on that one’.  

      We also have a dashboard spreadsheet that gives us a snapshot of these jobs and their profit margin so we can easily compare them to see which jobs went well and how do we do more of those.


      Sometimes he’d show up for our calls and literally say, “I haven’t done anything we talked about.”  He was basically buying the book from Amazon and then sticking it on the shelf without ever reading it.  I know things get busy and ‘life happens’ but at a certain point we have to ask, “What’s really going on?”

      Some things you can’t fix with more strategy or calendaring.  Again, we dip our toes back into the mindset piece to see what’s blocking him from doing this work.  We have the strategy and days setup…why isn’t it happening.

      There is no quick and easy answer for me to give you!  This is still a work-in-progress and *spoiler alert* some of this work never goes away.

      New level….same devil you could say!


      1. He’s not doing it alone!  It would be SO much easier for him to not have me hold the mirror up to him.  It would be easier for him to say, “good is good enough” and not go deep on his mindset and what’s holding him back from showing up for his business as the CEO.  I give him SO much credit for doing this hard work to reflect on how he always wanted to give away his power and rely on someone else to know better.  This mindset work is not easy and I LOVE him for not shying away and for showing up especially when it’s uncomfortable.
      2. Take a look at your data before your offer or project ends.  It’s easy to call something a ‘failure’ and just move on without digging into why you didn’t get the results you wanted.  It’s easy to just sweep something under the rug, create a totally new offer, and try to recreate the wheel every angle time.  Using the data that’s there (whether you look at it or not) can be the difference between your gross profit staying the same and your gross profit increasing by 173%.
      3. Set up days in your own business to do your CEO and other important tasks.  Whether it’s looking at your revenue and expenses, looking at your account balances, or following up with leads or potential clients….bake it into your schedule as a non-negotiable!  Just like you might have a ‘leg day’ or a ‘cardio day’ in your workout routine, create these routines in your work to assess and connect along the way!

      Again, I am SO thrilled to share this client case study with you!  While his ‘problem’ may not be the *exact* problem you have in your business you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework!  

      The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!


      *From Burned Out To Balanced: A Client Case Study*


      If revenue is your ONLY business goal…I hate to tell you but it’s not as great as you think.


      Don’t get me wrong revenue IS important!  We have operating and team expenses AND we want/need to get paid for our services.


      But if you think more money is going to make you happier, study after study is there to prove that wrong.


      That’s what I want to showcase in my client case study.  Feeling excited and on fire in your business is what sustains your business for the long term!


      I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.


      Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!



      After 4 years in business and trying all the things…my client was burned out.  We started working together in year 3 of her business. 

      Her revenue went from $28k in year 1 to $128k in year 4!  Which is amazing and sexy and all the fun things but she was not enjoying her business.


      On the outside…things looked good…she had tons of followers and engagement.  But this was not sustainable…she wasn’t spending time with her family and felt like she was having a mental breakdown.  


      Our work together was focused on what SHE wanted and what fit her life.  Instead of her marketing and business defining her life and schedule she got super intentional and flipped the script.  Her revenue went up despite the fact that her content strategy went on auto-pilot.  This created SUCH a feeling of peace for her AND more connection with her family because she could actually focus on them!


      Mindset:  The client felt that if she wasn’t on social *constantly* her business would fail.  She felt that each post needed to exceed the last one and that each reel had to be funnier or wittier than the previous one.  I am SO proud of how far she’s come- she now has a more relaxed relationship with social and feels more confident in her content.


      Strategy:  Even though she was posting constantly she had ZERO strategy around it.  She just relied on ‘inspiration’ and hoped that it wouldn’t run out!  We got super clear on the categories and themes for each day and even detailed what type of post it would be (static vs reel).


      Organize: She was constantly in ‘creation mode’ for social media.  She didn’t have a good system for organizing content as her ‘inventory’ or repurposing it.  She was the one creating the copy, making the graphics, posting in multiple places, and doing it every single day.  She was sooo burned out.  Her content creation took up 80% of her time.  We created a plan for her to get ahead of her content creation and made a system she could pass off to someone else.


      Implement: Getting organized and on top of social content is no small fete!  Especially in the beginning when she was creating current content AND trying to get two weeks of content written in advance to one day hand off to a VA.  I am SO proud of how she has stayed in the ‘messy middle’ and allowed herself to try new things.  She has tested and tweaked different platforms and leaned into what works for her!



      1. Set yourself up for the long game!  I always say, “consistency over intensity” especially in content marketing.  I want to inspire you NOT to try to be the outlier with the viral post…but to instead…build trust with your audience.  Show them that you deliver quality content on a consistent basis (whatever that looks like for you)!  
      2. Don’t be afraid to do something different than ‘you’ve always done it’.  Yes it may be messy and hard in the beginning…but having a coach alongside you to see the vision through is SO powerful!  How often do people stop because it’s hard?  ALOT!  Don’t let that be you…get support if you need it!
      3. If things look ‘great’ on the outside but don’t feel good on the inside…it’s okay to shake things up!  Don’t feel like you have to keep doing something because so many people would ‘love to be in your shoes’!


      I love sharing these stories…they may not be the same problem you have in your business but you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework!  The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!


      *From A Dream To $331k Of Revenue*

      So many business owners think they need to be at a certain point in business before they get support.

      This client hired me THREE months before they opened their doors.

      So if you think you need a certain $ of revenue or client load BEFORE you hire support… think again!

      That’s what I want to showcase in my client case study.  Hiring me right out of the gate was what supported this client to create multi-six-figures in their FIRST year of business!

      I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.

      Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!


      It was years in the making….before they even hired me this client had a long road they had traveled.  It was a brick-and-mortar location that needed lots of leasehold improvements before it could open.  Once the logistics were in place, they hired me before they even had revenue coming in the door.

      They were overwhelmed with everything that goes into starting a business.  Today they feel so peaceful around their systems and processes.  They created $331k in that first year.  Trust me…it feels so scary to pay someone for support when you have zero dollars coming into the door but these clients say it was the best investment they made!

      Mindset:  They felt overwhelmed.  In addition to starting a business they have two young girls…like really is a baby!  They knew there were so many types of professionals they could hire but liked my combination of left-brained and “woo” to support them.  They knew the other ‘analytical types’ could show them numbers but couldn’t help them get more booties in the door.  They knew the marketing companies could get more eyes on their content but couldn’t support them to know their numbers were correct!  Basically, they got a couple of different professionals in one when they hired me!

      Strategy:  We worked together to get the back end of their business setup so it was running like a well-oiled machine from day one.  Initially, they hired a marketing company for the grand opening.  After the grand opening, we created an organic marketing plan.  They knew their content topics each day, where and when they were selling, and they had my eyes and feedback on their posts.  When I saw something that could be tweaked and an opportunity to speak to the problem they solved…I spoke up!  As we worked together, the organic marketing piece got easier and became an integrated piece of their day.

      Organize:  Since I had the accounting know-how, I was an integral part of setting up their POS and working with the rep to make sure the system worked properly for their specific needs.  

      We worked to create spreadsheets for each item they crafted and sold so they knew the exact direct costs and overhead costs associated with it.  This helped them to determine pricing and to see which items were the most profitable.  This spreadsheet is a living breathing document that grow with them and the products they create. 

      We worked together on staffing and schedules to see when the most support was needed and how to make the team hours count toward creating more revenue.

      We worked on revenue and expense projections and calculated daily overhead rates each month.  This was their basis for calculating revenue/cash needed to support all the daily expenses.

      Implement:  I’m not going to say they implemented their organic marketing strategy right off the bat!  That was actually NOT the case at all.  They are more on the introverted side and really wanted to make a product that ‘sold itself’.  Unfortunately, a product can’t sell itself if people don’t know about it!  I supported them to get visible online as well as build relationships through the emails they collected when people purchased.  They quickly learned the numbers and metrics we looked at each month in QBO.  We also pinpointed online data that we wanted to follow and track.


      1. Don’t feel like you need to wait until you’re at a certain point in business to get support!  If this client had not gotten support, there are so many areas that could have been terribly wrong and ended up costing them lots of $$$$ later on!  
      2. Digging into your costs and overhead is wildly helpful when creating revenue projections!  It takes a little thought and organization but helps you know how much cash you need vs how much cash you want.  BOTH are good but you’ve got to know what it takes to keep the lights on!
      3. An organic marketing strategy does not have to be complicated!  This client kept theirs to two platforms.  They didn’t do any crazy dancing or pointing reels…they showed their authentic selves and people loved it!

      I love sharing these stories…they may not be the same problem you have in your business but you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework!  The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!

      **Closing Down A $97k A Year Revenue Stream ON PURPOSE**

      (and feeling da** good about it)

      So many business owners feel like they can’t say “No” to money.

      Not only did this client say “No” to money…she closed down a very profitable piece of her business.  On paper…it checked all the boxes.  Energetically, she felt trapped and stressed out about it.

      That’s what I want to showcase in my client case study.  There’s no “right” way to run a business.  Listening to YOUR voice and intuition is the key.

      I use my framework: Mindset-Strategy-Organize-Implement in unique ways with each client.  There is no one-size-fits all or ‘secret’ template to slap onto your business.

      Let’s dig into this case study and why it’s so juicy to support you on YOUR journey!


      We started working together 1:1 when this client already had a multi-six-figure business.  She had grown COVID when so many of her peers were floundering!  She had added new offers and they were SO profitable!

      However…she had a feeling of anxiety about this revenue stream.  It was wildly out of her hands.  If something ‘hit the fan’ there was no way she could jump in and take over.  She was losing sleep and felt very out of control with a piece of her business.

      At the end of the day…she closed down the revenue stream!  It was bringing in $98k annually but it was energetically depleting her.  With the information she had at her fingertips she knew the exact effect closing this revenue stream would have on her business.  

      When she shut it down there were no surprises on her P&L and she knew what the $ repercussions would be.

      Mindset: I am SO blown away by this client’s mindset.  She trusted herself and her business to tell her what they needed.  She was in tune with herself to see how this revenue stream affected her in business and in her personal life.  So many people are scared to ‘turn down money’.  She knew that closing this revenue stream would actually open her up for MORE money because the way she was making it would be aligned.

      Strategy: The first step was to get her accurate data.  She needed to know the revenue and expenses associated with this revenue stream.  If she was going to close it she wanted accurate numbers at her fingertips.  She is a very intuitive person AND knows she’s running a business and wanted the data.

      Organized: This was a QuickBooksOnline (QBO) and spreadsheet (SS) project.  We were able to tag direct expenses in QBO to that specific line of revenue.  We created a SS to drop in the revenue number from that specific revenue stream from her POS system.  For indirect costs related to the revenue stream, we pulled them into the SS and calculated the % allocated to the revenue stream.  She was able to look at our SS and see 1) the revenue it generated 2) the expenses allocated to it and 3) the net profit the revenue stream brought in. 

      Implement:  She was blown away by the net profit number that the revenue stream brought in!  She had NO idea it was that profitable.  Even knowing that…she felt confident that closing it was the right decision.  She was able to take the net profit of closing that down and see how it would affect her overall net profit.  


      1. You do you in your business BUT have the data to back it up and know how it will affect your business.  Make decisions from an informed neutral place…not a frantic and reactive place.  Having a neutral 3rd party (me) was so helpful for her to take the data, take her intuition and have a safe place to play around with her ideas.
      2. Your business gets to look how YOU want it to look.  Your offers don’t need to be built on what ‘experts’ in your industry say you need to do.  Or how other businesses like your ‘scale’.  YOU are the visionary in your business.
      3. Know what you want!  This is so important and piggybacks off the previous takeaway….sometimes we get so focused on what we ‘should’ do or what a ‘successful’ business looks like that we forget what WE actually want.    If you’ve found yourself looking around and asking, “How did I get here?” take a moment and reassess.

      I love sharing these stories…her problem may not be the *exact* problem you have in your business but you can still apply my mindset-strategy-organize-implement framework!  The goal is to see what your business needs from YOU and get the right support for that!

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