Change Is The Only Constant
Posted on April 7, 2022

Being in business means that your needs are constantly changing. 


What worked last month may not work this month and there are always new software and products out there to help! 


Everything from accounting and payroll to client management systems and advertising, there is something new on the market to help you run more efficiently.


Even though the product is there, it must be considered when the best time for conversion would be. 


Many businesses are slow during the summer and converting to a new payroll system during this downtime would be a perfect fit. 


However, if you’re a wedding planner and booked through September, starting a new payroll system would not be a good idea during your busy season!


When is your busy season and downtime? 


What are some tasks that can be ‘saved’ for downtime so you can keep motivated and moving during the slow season? 


Many businesses use their downtime to catch up on the latest trends, complete continuing education, provide employee training, update their website, and implement new HR protocols.

Be sure to take advantage of both slow and busy times!

Jordan Ilderton