A Father’s Day Tax Benefit

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  In addition to your Father’s Day card and new tie, here’s a tax benefit of being a parent that will make your day…hire your child to work for your business!  Just a note: of course this works for moms as well but I missed...

Interview With Local Business Owner

Happy Valentine’s Day! There’s no ignoring the chocolate candy at the grocery store, the red hearts on your neighbor’s front door, and jewelry store commercials laying it on thick.  Valentine’s Day is officially here!  In the spirit of St. Valentine, Ilderton...

7 Small Business Organization Tips

7 Small Business Organization Tips   It’s a New Year with new goals for yourself and your small business! Does your list of resolutions include becoming more organized? Organization is the key to solid bookkeeping practices that can save you time and make your...

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