Can I let you in on the secret that all of my clients, from the ones making $5k months to $50k months, all know? ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

It’s simple…if your high-ticket offer isn’t selling, the issue isn’t with’s that something isn’t working for you.

It’s subtle but makes a BIG difference so I’ll explain.

When your new course, or group program, or mastermind, or 1:1 coaching isn’t selling your brain will tell you there’s something wrong with YOU.

Maybe it tells you:
➡️ You don’t have an appealing offer.
➡️ You lack experience.
➡️ You priced your offer too high.

Adopting these BS beliefs as true will hold you back from following up with potential clients, selling frequently, owning your work, or navigating objections.

How I approach this with my clients when we take the stance that something isn’t working FOR them:

➡️If your messaging doesn’t land, we refine it to better connect.
➡️If your posts aren’t getting noticed, we increase your visibility.
➡️If your audience isn’t engaging with your offer, we reassess to ensure it meets their needs.

That mindset shift- from self-blame to strategic adaptions- increases my client’s revenue by tens of thousands of dollars.

They make the necessary tweaks + book high-paying clients faster because they understand the problem isn’t with them…it’s something with their approach.

Think about it…could a similar shift be the key to filling your client roster with your high-ticket offer?
LMK and send me a DM if this resonates with you!

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