Can I let you in on the secret 🤫 to how I made $239k with a small audience?
Posted on June 5, 2024

In one year my cash revenue was $239k with an IG audience that was a little over 400 and less than 350 in my FB group.

If you’re a DFY service provider pivoting to DWY, here are 3 tips so that you can do the same ⤵️

You must sell a high-ticket offer. The math has to math…it’s hard AF to get to $239k with an hourly service. This is the FOUNDATION of making bank with a small audience…book a FREE 1:1 Sold Out Strategy Session…details 👇🏼

Focus on one revenue stream at a time. I didn’t confuse my audience…all roads pointed to high-ticket.

Recently I talked to a web designer who hadn’t filled her spots at the rate she wanted AND was rolling out a program…guess what? Her diluted focus created diluted results…neither revenue stream was bringing in the $5k-$8k/month she wanted.

Sell the first step of your high ticket offer. If someone is new to you don’t ask them to marry you on the first date! Give them an easy/safe/low-risk next step they can take.

If you’re not making the $5k-$10k revenue each month…you want to implement these tips before you try to go viral and grow your audience.

If you’re a DFY service provider who is pivoting to DWY for $10k months but just hasn’t been able to get there, you want my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY providers scaling to $10k months.

On this call, we can:
✅ Take a look at your offer. Is it something people are willing to pay good $ for?
✅ Take a look at your client’s journey. Do all roads point to high ticket with small/easy steps along the way?
✅ Take a look at your messaging. Is it a nice to have or a need to have?

Creating a valuable offer that people want to pay good money for is the cornerstone for making $239k with a small audience.

Whether you don’t have a high-ticket offer created yet OR you the one you created hasn’t booked paying clients, this free call will give you clarity around the best next step to successfully create, launch, and sell your high-ticket offer.

DM me ‘SoldOut’ so that you can get access to my schedule and make bank with whatever size audience you have!

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