Busy? You Need the 4 D’s.
Posted on July 9, 2021

“And it helps her on her way. Gets her through her busy day.” -The Rolling Stones

We are so busy and we love talking about how busy we are!  If you’re a business owner who is feeling overwhelmed let’s talk about the four D’s to help.

Delegate. This is first because it is so important!  Think of tasks that you do not need to do.  This can be at work… hire a virtual assistant for your scheduling, a social media guru to create your posts, or a Holistic CFO (like me) to help you plan your strategy and stay on track with your numbers.  It can also be at home…someone to clean the shower, deliver groceries or meals, and make your life easier!   The benefits of delegating are more than increasing profits (though that’s important).  Delegating can mean that you have time to pick up your kids from school, or that you have dinner as a family, or that you play tennis one morning a week.  It can give FULFILLMENT!

Defer. Intentional procrastination is a way to put some things on hold for NOW.  You may have great ideas…you may have lots of great ideas…but the timing of doing them all right now isn’t right.  Put a reminder on your phone or calendar to revisit it.  Leave it out there percolating and waiting to be implemented and it’s okay to wait for the time to come around.

Ditch it.  Saying the words, “I release this…” can be so freeing!  I am all for giving something 100% and not giving up when the going gets tough.  But sometimes, we can’t thrive in other areas when one area is dragging…us…down…make like a Disney princess and “Let it go” and then move on.

Do it.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  You already did the other 3 D’s…now just freakin do it!  You should have the open time in your schedule and the open space in your head.  

Our advisory services are here to help you wrap your head around everything financially.  We are here for you so you don’t feel alone and don’t feel like you have to do it all.  Because let’s be honest..no one can do it all.  So get in touch with me- your success is inevitable!

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