Business Owner Without A Plan…Like Mom Not Getting To Goodwill During School Hours!
Posted on February 25, 2022

Little secret…I have a friend who gathers her kid’s forgotten toys and takes them to Goodwill while they’re at school. Sometimes, she doesn’t allocate enough time and the kids inevitably find the toys in the back of the van and are like, “Mom!”

Spoiler alert…this is totally me!

This is what we do in business TOO!

We need to create roadmaps or we don’t get there.

Sometimes people are confused why, as CPA/bookkeeper, I focus so much on strategic planning.

To make the Goodwill trip happen I literally have to think:
I need to pick up kids at 3:00, so I need to leave the house at 2:45, but for Goodwill drop-off I need to leave by 2:30 (And YES I LOVE the fact that I generally get to stay in a 5-mile radius on most days).

For our business goals, we need to do the same thing. This is the process I do with my clients.

Client: I’m feeling overworked in the business.

Me: Okay, what would it look like to NOT be overworked? What would your role be? What tasks can we delegate? What can we ditch? What can we delay?

Both of us: Create a plan and put everything into motion.

Time passes, the client isn’t feeling so overworked anymore.

On to the next thing!

Just like a sneaky Goodwill drop-off won’t happen if I don’t make it happen…so is the business of your dreams. No one wakes up with the perfect business. We get to create it!

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