Brainwashing for your business – in the best way
Posted on November 8, 2022

This is scary for me to say 😳

….pivoting was hard.

Hard for me personally. In my identity. What I thought was possible. What skills I *thought* I had.

The business side was easy- I had an amazing website redo (thank you @shannonjmorris), I tweaked a few things in QBO, added a scheduling platform, and learned a new reporting software.

But my identity as ‘just as an accountant’ or ‘just a bookkeeper’ was something I had to put aside and create a new identity.

I love the quote, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” by George Bernard Shaw.

I basically had to re-create myself! I know…it sounds extreme but for over a year now I have been actively ‘brainwashing’ myself to create this new identity.

{I mean ‘brainwashing’ in the BEST way possible!}

This is more than just daily work, (for me) it’s every hour and every few minutes! It has gotten easier. I became the person I envisioned a year ago! I am her and she is me. 🤗

I am almost fully booked, I make 6️⃣-figures, I have time in the morning and afternoon to be with my family, and my clients have SO much support to feel peaceful around their numbers AND create more profit. People walk away from my free calls and book clients! Or they take action in their books to get organized. Or they bust through the take-home pay they thought wasn’t possible! 🎉

Fortunately, I have a great imagination so this process will never end! I am a human BEing who is constantly evolving and being a new/better version.

I’d love to hear from you on your entrepreneurial journey! Swipe through the pics to see headshots from now ➡️ beginning of my business

 Jordan Ilderton