Bookkeeping is like my brain’s mac-n-cheese, but coaching stretches me SO much more in every single way.
Posted on March 25, 2024

I recently had to jump in and do more bookkeeping services and it felt like I was just putting on that comfy pair of Vuori joggers.

But the coaching aspect of my business fills me up.

I’m supporting other women to literally put more $$ in their pockets (to the tune of tens of thousands of $$) and create businesses that support their schedule and their perfectly imperfect lives.

Showing up as a coach has supported my personal AND business growth more than I ever thought possible.

3 years ago I saw a gap…in the services I provided as a bookkeeper and what my clients REALLY needed as business owners. They didn’t *just* need someone to enter transactions & send a monthly report they didn’t know how to use.

They needed someone in their corner keeping a pulse on not only the numbers but the entire sales process.

Asking the hard questions to support my clients to get past their own BS, stand in their power, and book clients faster.

So while I’m a really great bookkeeper….I’m an excellent coach because I can pull skills into my work that most coaches can’t.

Today, I’ve found another gap to fill. Other DFY service providers, who are just like me 8 years ago when I was making $35/hour bookkeeper and who are ready to make the jump themselves to serve their clients’ bigger needs as coaches, mentors, OBMs, course creators, COOs and charge the higher rates/make more money and fill their rosters and their personal fulfillment too.

If you’re feeling the tug to offer something more for your clients and step into that role that has them say, “Holy sh** I didn’t know you did that!” I got you!

I invite you to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High-Ticket Offer. On this call, you’ll get clarity around what YOU bring to the table that can be packaged into a course, coaching container, or mastermind program as a higher-touch/higher-ticket offer AND how that sets you apart from anyone else with your same DFY service skills so that you can make bank without the burnout.

Comment ‘YES’ or DM me for a link to my schedule!

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