Biggest AND Lowest Cash Months
Posted on February 5, 2023

My biggest cash 💰month of 2022 was on the other side of a super low-profit month.

I literally 😭 at my net profit the previous month.
{Yes, I was being a little dramatic because it’s still more than I ever made working FT plus for someone else.}

But…I was super focused on my profit margin and made myself wrong. 🙅🏻‍♀️

In 2022 I went all in on team. I had bookkeepers, a social media manager, a 1:1 coach, and a website girl so I just watched as my profit margin got lower and lower.

As a ‘numbers girl’ I would tend to look back to when I was a solo entrepreneur profit margin was 85%!

But that didn’t serve me! As a solo entrepreneur, my revenue/income was capped.

I’m building this business for the long run (I’ve been here 7️⃣ years, had 3️⃣ daughters, weathered a pandemic, two recessions AND I’m not going anywhere!)

In order to increase my revenue and the clients I can support I MUST have team members.

I was laying a foundation on which to build. And it took a while. It took months of my profit taking a ‘hit’ because I was going all in on support.

My biggest cash month was a direct result of getting this support! It paid off and was so fun to see the *exact* amount I had been affirming for months finally…in my bank account.

I took a picture. I showed my daughters (who hear me speak affirmations daily) and it was such a fun celebration!

It takes time to build a machine 🤖. It takes time to build a house 🏠. Both start with a strong framework and foundation. 🛠

If you’re in between what you’re paying yourself now and what you WANT to pay yourself and feeling frustrated. I get it. I would love to talk.

This is near and dear to my ❤️. One MAJOR component of making the take-home pay you SO desire is getting in front of your audience consistently. I know it sounds simple (and it is) but simple doesn’t mean easy!

If you need a jumping-off point, I invite you to book a FREE Consistent Content For Consistent Five-Figure Month call. 📞 We’ll come up with a plan to get you in front of your audience and build momentum so you can get fully booked!

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