Being On Autopilot
Posted on February 5, 2023

“Mom will you help me?” -my kids yell to me 3 rooms away when my husband is literally sitting next to them.

I am so honored to be their “go-to” person AND there is literally someone sitting right next to them who can help them do whatever they need help with.

My kids are just on autopilot to ask mom for the “thing”.

So many times I see business owners do something from being on auto-pilot.

The revenue they *think* is possible, or what type of clients they *have* to support to make money, or a million other things!

At one point, this specific way served them and since then (maybe it’s been years) they haven’t questioned “Why?”

After working with business owners for 7 years, I’ve seen that not getting curious about our long-held beliefs

You can spend all this time taking courses, and downloading the next freebie, and, and, and, OR you can stop in your tracks for a beat and question what’s really going on.

I invite you to pause and ask yourself:
➡️ Why do I feel like you need this next ‘thing’?
➡️ Why do I feel like I don’t have the ‘secret’ to success?
➡️ Why do I think this free download is the piece that will change everything?

When you’re on autopilot to think something is ‘out there’ you’re on a hamster wheel of always looking vs turning to the (proverbial) person sitting right next to you who is ready and available.

You don’t need the next ‘thing’.
👉 You need to trust yourself on autopilot and what You can do for your business.
👉 You need to have your next-level revenue locked in and a foundation to build it.
👉 Auto-pilot is VERY much your friend when it’s leading you to the next-level YOU with more clients, more revenue, and more take-home income.

I invite you to have a conversation to get clear on what YOU bring to the table. Let’s build the framework for connecting and converting clients on repeat in a way that is authentic to you and works for your business! We’ll come up with a plan to get you in front of your audience and build momentum so you can get fully booked!

Your spot is here!

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