Behind The Scenes- Sneak Peek!
Posted on December 14, 2021

BTS with a client meeting!

You’ll see me using my second screen to go through reports with him. We found some mistakes in the way his deposits were received in QBO.

Basically, the invoice was created and the deposit wasn’t matched to it when it hit the bank. This is a common mistake people make when entering their deposits.

It results in your become being over reported!  The deposits need to be matched to the correct invoices. It can take some time and digging but definitely worth it!

We looked at his job costing to see how profitable each job was. We even exported reports to excel to add in his pay that is a draw and hits the balance sheet.

This gave him a more accurate number for his gross margin %!

Every single client meeting looks different depending on what the client needs and what they’re going through.

Are you interested in creating the time and space to show up as the CEO in your business?

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