Before and After- No I’m Not A Decorator!
Posted on February 7, 2022

So I am definitely an accountant NOT a decorator!

I always am so impressed with people who can put a room together!

Maybe you are like me in that you have a home office.

You can only deduct the portion of expenses that are associated with the area of your home for your office.

To take the deduction, the home office must be your principal place of business.

It doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally meet clients at their office or work from a coffee shop.

It does mean that you can’t have an office downtown AND a home office.

Is part of your home office used as a gym or playroom? Those portions of the space are also not deductible.

I know it stinks- I don’t make the rules I just want you to know them!

Make sure your books are legit and your not taking deductions that the IRS won’t allow.

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