Bear Came Along
Posted on June 25, 2021

“So many different animals living their separate lives, but they didn’t know they were in it together…until…the river came along.” -“Bear Came Along” by Richard Morris

Children’s books have such an amazing way of being entertaining and teaching a beautiful lesson at the same time. The above quote reminds me how unique and diverse we all are. We run different businesses, have different strengths, and different likes/dislikes. We all go out into the world distinct from one another but we’re all journeying down the same river.

Your strengths may not be my strengths, and vice versa. Many business owners don’t know what they don’t know. That’s why I am here. They may be busy handling the day-to-day activities and not able to focus on the “why” of their business or where they are going. Did you know KPIs are a great way of tracking important targets and results? KPIs are “key performance indicators”. They highlight strengths and weaknesses within an organization and help focus decision making.

KPIs provide insight into how one organization is performing relative to its peers. However, their targets and importance will vary based on the business and vision.

As I move through this adventure of owning a business, I really enjoy my clients and want them to thrive. That’s why I now offer a service that partners with business owners to help grow and improve their business. My approach is different from most bookkeepers and CPAs. I see the unique challenges small businesses face and I want to be here to support you.