As mamas, we just want to know that we’re getting it right.
Posted on June 5, 2024

Regardless of what ‘work’ looks like we just want to know that:
👉🏻 we aren’t f’n up our kids
👉🏻 we aren’t messing them up for life

I started my biz so that I could be a mom AND work.

And guess what?
I f’n love my business.

It’s more than just something to fill the time while the kids are at school.

It is a genuine ❤️.

❤️ For my clients. Some who have been with me for years and I know them and their families.

❤️ For their results, because y’all, my clients are on fire right now and kicking a$$ with their pivots from DFY to DWY.

❤️ For my results, and seeing the real $$ that pay sfor childcare, 529 plans, my 401k, AND the fun stuff!

And if you’re a mama who owns a biz and you’re here…I’m guessing your biz is more than just a hobby to you too.

I love the quote, “When motherhood went from a nameless thing to a calling” because as moms we have all experienced THAT moment.

But it’s the same for business too.

That moment you find it went from this ‘thing to make money’ to a genuine calling.

I can feel like my soul would die if I wasn’t a mom

AND I can feel like my soul would die if I wasn’t a biz owner.

It can be both and you are getting it RIGHT!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mamas 🌺 🌸

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