Are you running your business from a standpoint of just being comfortable?
Posted on August 8, 2022

I have to drop a truth 💣 here: Sometimes “comfortable” is actually “stuck”.

SALY was a big thing when I worked in public accounting if a tax return was late. The answer was SALY.

Same As Last Year. That is not the answer to move you to more revenue, more clients, and more take-home income. 🙅🏻‍♀️

We need NEW actions to create NEW revenue and clients!

After working with business owners for 6️⃣ years (and building my own profitable online business), I’ve seen that scrapping everything together DIY-style and creating systems and processes on the fly, will not get you to that next level revenue goal (sustainably anyway).

I remind myself of this DAILY! When I’m tempted to do something the same as before, I have to remember, “I’ve grown and my previous mindset and systems won’t support all the work I have now.” (That’s a literal quote from my head 💬).

It’s great to have systems and processes in place that can run on autopilot. Those are VITAL to creating a business that is a well-oiled machine!

But if we’re using our old CEO mindset (the one from the very beginning of our business or a different phase than we’re in now) we’re not able to create that higher level of revenue.

Just like a phone, our brain needs an update!

If you’re wondering how to give your brain and your strategy an update, I invite you to book a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale Call 📞. We will take a look at how you are intentionally and sustainably scaling from where you are NOW. Then we will create actionable steps you can use NOW to get you to the next level! My August spots are booking up so snag yours now! Link in bio 🔗📲

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