Are you a DFY service provider who hasn’t reached $10k months bc you’re playing not to lose? ⤵️
Posted on March 25, 2024

Aka playing small by:
❌ giving someone a free web audit and not pitch at the end bc you think it’s best to ‘sell without selling’

❌ not leading with your services + the prob you solve when you introduce yourself to a networking group

❌ not posting the sales promo bc your mom friends saw it and said ‘you’re getting bold’

OR Are you playing to win to make those holy grail $10k months?

Being a bada$$ by:
💴 taking a daily sales action
🥂 saying what you really think in your content
❤️ trusting yourself to get support from someone who has gone from $35/hr bookkeeping services to $20k months (me)

Studies show MOST people are playing not to lose.

And we’ll use the term ‘lose’ loosely here as we talk about playing the game of business…personally…I’d say it’s not about losing it’s about no longer playing small and holding back.

Most people would rather play small than play full out.

Playing small is a protective mechanism which does not serve your business

OR the potential clients who desperately need YOU to show up for them!

My invitation to you is to see where you’re holding back or playing small and ✋🏽

Go BIG instead. Make the pitch. Post the dang thing. Sell your face off across all platforms!

At least if you ‘lose’ you won’t have regrets.

But I’m willing to bet your business + your bank account will actually 💣 in a good way!

I’m willing to bet your business snowballs into more clients than you could even take in when you play to ‘win’ 🍾.

You’ve read this far…what’s it going to be today?

Drop in the comments if this lit a🔥 under your butt and be sure to follow @ilderton_bookkeeping_coaching for more mindset + methods to bring in those $10k months as a DFY service provider!

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