Are you a DFY service provider who has done this?
Posted on February 8, 2024

Maybe you’ve recorded your ☕️ or 💃🏻for strangers on the internet.

Maybe you’ve fake recorded yourself at your desk and thought…wtf am I doing? 🤯

I’m a bookkeeper/web designer/CPA/social media manager/OBM/VA…

I didn’t sign up for this! ❌

Whether it’s calm or snazzy you’ve done all.the.reels trying to grow your audience and feel deflated because no actual clients have hired your done-for-you services.

So your client roster is looking dismally low.

And supporting clients is actually the whole f*n point of your business.

And making reels may have nothing to do with the *actual* client work you do.

I hear you…I am you…it’s frustrating.

AND you can still fill your roster and have $20k cash months without going viral.

Without all the silly reels (unless you that’s fun to play with bc sometimes it is)!

After 8 years in business and pivoting from $35/hr bookkeeping services to 1:1 VIP coaching and 33 consecutive five-figure months….

My guess is maybe it’s time for a new offer. 😱

One that doesn’t have you pitching to anyone+everyone who could possibly use your services.

Maybe you’re ready to tighten up a bit and not be the low-priced leader and 🛑 trying to appeal to the masses.

If this 🔥 your interest- listen up!

I’m rolling out my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer!

On this 📲 we’ll dive into those 💪🏽 DFY skills and repackage them into high-ticket coaching, a course, or mastermind offer.

After this 30 min of support, you’ll know how to deepen your work with clients + fill your bank account!

I’m opening 4️⃣ of these 1:1 coaching spots in Feb.
Is one meant to be yours?

Comment ‘YES’ for the 🔗 so you don’t miss it!

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