Apply Lenten Practices To Your Business
Posted on March 30, 2017

Every month I’m looking around for blog post ideas.  This month I took a little inspiration for my blog post from Lent.  Yes, it is a religious period but no matter your religion, the idea of fasting and giving up certain luxuries can be beneficial to your business.  Don’t forget, the Lenten season isn’t necessarily about giving up a bad habit but can be about adding a good one.  This can also be beneficial in business!

Take planning during the Lenten season, for example.  During this time, people make a strategy for how they are going to (or not going to) participate.  This is important for businesses as well.  You need to analyze the current conditions and make a plan before you jump in!  Take a look around you and access what’s going on.  What do you want to achieve and in what time frame?  Then use that information to lay out a well thought and attainable goal.

Then there’s the typical goal of fasting and cutting back during Lent.  What spending in your business could use some cutting back?  Are office supplies getting out of hand?  It may be beneficial to take an ‘inventory’ of your supplies the next time you head to Staples…you may have more supplies than you realize or just make a list and decide to stick to it.  Yes, they have some super cute folders but the manila ones will work just as well!  Many businesses spend so much on coffee and toilet paper for their office.  These are areas where if you keep an eye out for sales and use coupons you can really save some money.  Instead of when you’re almost out and you have to buy it ASAP at full price!

One of my favorite Lenten practices is adding something beneficial to my routine.  Are there any new strategies that would boost your business?  Maybe adding some consistent face time with your clients or participating in regular continuing education in your field.  Think about areas where a little extra effort will improve your business!

This Lenten season don’t be afraid to change things up with your business – add or subtract – some practices and see how it works!


Jordan Ilderton, CPA