Any other DFY service providers feel like you’ve gone down the ‘increase prices’ rabbit hole only to lose clients? 🙌
Posted on June 5, 2024

Any other DFY service providers feel like they’ve tried their hand at creating ‘high ticket’ only to hear crickets? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Maybe you’ve tried to switch from DFY services because you got all hyped up on those $10k months you hear about but…

Reality set in and you either priced yourself out of your industry OR your new offer just can’t get off the ground.

I hear you…I’ve been you!

3 years ago I switched from $35/hour bookkeeping services to high-ticket VIP coaching.

I’d filled my bookkeeping roster easy peasy.
I had tons of experience and a CPA background…I thought it’d be easy.

And NO ONE bought my high-ticket coaching offer!

I was not expecting that! 🤷🏻‍♀️

It took me 2 years to make $20k months.

The problem you may have is that you’re trying to market your high-ticket services like you did your DFY services.

If you take the same mindset + strategy you used to fill your DFY roster and apply it to course, program, or coaching….it won’t work.

It’s not you…it’s what you’re doing!

When you get the right mindset + the right strategy to sell high-ticket…everything changes and those $10k months quickly become a reality.

As someone who has been *exactly* where you are, I’m sharing exactly how I did it in creating Your Six-Figure Switch: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k (plus) months.

This FREE training is where I’ll share my step-by-step method of booking $1500-$3k/month clients so that you can multiply your revenue and get your time back!

If you’ve tried to raise prices or tried to launch a new premium offer only to have it flop and be back where you started…you don’t want to miss this!

When you sign up, you’re getting the playbook + live training where I lay out the method my clients have used to make this pivot and I’ll show you how it will work for you for your own $10k months!

Make the six-figure switch, comment “SWITCH” below, or grab the 🔗 in my bio to make your $10k (plus) months a reality!

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