All We Are Is Dust In The Wind…
Posted on February 28, 2020

This past Wednesday you may have heard the words, “to dust you shall return”.

Maybe I’m weird but I find these words comforting. We are invited to see ourselves as dust again and to detach from the things of this world and empty ourselves so we can be renewed in spirit.

I know Ash Wednesday may not be on everyone’s radar but….there is something to be said to stop and think about this moment truly being all we have. To remember that this life is passing, regardless of what you believe, it will pass.

When you think about becoming dust again, what will you change? Will you reach out to a different niche so you can focus on businesses and people that are important to your values? Will you make time to volunteer your strengths to help others? Will you replace negative workplace energy with some positive changes?

On the flip side you could limit your attitudes of fear or anxiety. You could limit gossip or complaining. You could limit your social-media time. You could be still and mindful while the computer boots up. You could forgive someone or let go of a grudge. Maybe create something beautiful or play a forgotten musical instrument.

All of these things are great for your personal life which is also great for your business. Don’t let Lent pass you by without improving your daily routine and putting something beautiful out into the world!


Jordan Ilderton, CPA

Mah Jong in Rockville, SC photo cred Adam Ilderton