Posted on February 5, 2023

Abracadabra! 🪄

It’s not just a magician’s word, a Steve Miller song, or something my kids use when playing around.

It actually means, “I will create as I speak”. Abra means, “I will create” and cadabra means, “as was spoken”.

We are creating what we speak…and think! That’s pretty powerful! ESPECIALLY when you think about the fact that the average person has about 6,000 thoughts in a single day.

What story are you telling yourself that you believe to be true? This applies to business and personal life.

👉 What is possible for the people you want to impact and improve their lives?
👉 What is possible for your revenue?
👉 What do you believe is possible for your take-home pay?
👉 What is possible for the team you want to build?

Let’s own our story! Not let it own or control us. We get to show up and create this life and this business. It’s not something that has to be on default.

I like to tell clients, “Nothing is off the table”.

Picture your next 3️⃣ years, your next year, and just go crazy. Don’t edit yourself or limit yourself by what you think is “realistic”. Make big audacious goals! So many people don’t even have goals. This seriously blows my mind.

Abracadabra- I will create as I speak. What will you create?

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