Jordan Ilderton

Growth Coach.

Business Mentor.

Finance Organizer.

Profit Builder.

I am so excited you are here!

do you find yourself saying...


I work so hard on my business and don’t take home the income I deserve or thought I would have.

I’m so busy running the business, I don’t have time for anything else.
My needs and my family’s needs come after the business.
I feel so alone running this business.
I want to feel absolutely on fire in my business and take it to the next level!
I dream of a reality where I am FREE to be all the parts of who I am- in my business and my personal life!

i’m ready for more….

for my business and life to reach its full potential!

let's activate your business with these virtual cfo services

Monthly bookkeeping and bank reconciliation
A 1:1 two hour meeting each month to help you understand and interpret financial statements and reports
Examine business decisions through a financial lens, connecting budget to actual
Forecast the outcome of decisions and discover new opportunities
Develop and hone effective accounting processes
Employ accounting resources that make the most significant impact at the right time
Shift decision-making from a reactive to proactive state
Bring peace, calm, and happiness back into your business!

my approach

I have a different approach than most bookkeepers and CPAs! I want you to understand your money so you can make more of it. We’ll work to increase profits, operate your business more smoothly, and improve your overall life.

I have created a holistic bookkeeping/CPA experience. Business advisory should be broadly diversified, carry fair fees, and follow a long term orientation consistent with personal and business growth goals. From helping with revenue production, profit maximization, cash flow management, and risk management, I act as your partner to ensure your success. The businesses I work with make $250,000-$800,000 year in revenue and want to reach the next level.

How it works


book a discovery call

Let’s begin our relationship with a conversation. We’ll discuss your business and then some!



We’ll get connected to your QBO account, set you up in Sharefile for secure document sharing, and TeamWork so we can stay organized as we manage your finances.


set our growth & planning meeting

It’s our deep dive into your goals, creating a plan of action, and working to know your numbers.

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