“A cold 🍺 – nice!” -my dad says to me as I open a can of spritzy water while on the beach with my 3 girls at 10AM.
Posted on October 9, 2022

My dad cracks me up- He heard the pssst sound of the can opening and he 💯 thought it was a beer!

Now my body and brain cannot handle drinking a beer at 10AM and surviving the rest of the day with my kids 😅 More power to you if you can (you do you) but I am not in that position.

It literally never occurred to him there could be anything else in that can. Just beer. Not spritzy water, not a cold brew coffee, not a probiotic drink…just beer.

This happens to business owners ALL the time. Our brains *know* it all in our business and the possibilities of what our revenue can be, what clients we support, and how much joy we can have are all pretty much already on lockdown.

No room for *new* thoughts to create new revenue, new clients, new growth and feel good doing it. We already *know* it’s a can of 🍺 and we just move on.

I invite you to look at where you’re doing this in your business. Get suuuper curious!

Start with your goals and ask yourself, why are those your goals? Why did you pick that revenue goal? Why do you want to support those clients? Why do you think you can love this area of business but not this other area? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Your answer may not change BUT asking these questions really gets your mind thinking of what is possible!

If you feel like you already *know* it’s a can of beer in that can and your brain can’t think of any other possibility, I invite you to a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale Call! We’ll look at your business through a different lens and talk about what is possible! Business owners walk away feeling so empowered and excited since we create next steps they can walk away with. These calls are booking for October so grab your spot today, 🔗 in bio. 📲

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