A Change…Can Do You Good!
Posted on October 14, 2021

“I think a change, A change would do you good, Would do you good.” -Sheryl Crow

Let’s say you’ve had a profitable business for five years. Each year it grows. You don’t even know how. You just show up, do the work, and do your best.

You know you’re helping people. Someone even told you that you saved her marriage.

Then it happens. One day something shifts. What else? Is this it? Is this all I can do? All that I can provide?

I’m sure you can guess this was me! After five years of bookkeeping, doubling my income each year, not even trying. A shift occurred. Yes, I’m good with numbers and I love keeping my client’s books up-to-date. But I also see them as people.

You see. I have the best clients! They are hard-working. They are moms. They truly care about their communities and Mother Earth.

And they want more. With everything else in their lives, they don’t have the bandwidth to pre-pave the way with their vibration and their desires.

They don’t know their desires because they don’t have the time to think about them. Not just to think but to FEEL them.

They don’t realize that amazing things are coming because they haven’t stopped to think about what those things are. They haven’t FELT those amazing things yet.

My experience has been that we have to live in the desire, live in the knowing that it’s coming, live in the FEELING of that life.

My business completely changes this summer when I did this on myself. This isn’t just lip service. I am living this. It has changed my business.

Changed how I show up every single day. You can have both the strategy and the mindset. The numbers and the dreams. Let’s work together- your success is inevitable!