A business truth that I need to share….
Posted on February 8, 2024

1️⃣:1️⃣ business coaching isn’t just for business owners with bags of money sitting around.

In 2023, TWO clients hired me with NEGATIVE income in 2022. They saw the writing on the wall. The business wasn’t moving in the direction they needed.

They were spending MORE than they were making.

On the other side of 2023, they’re looking at increased net income $214k and $121k.

They went from having negative cash…to having $82k profit and $120k in profit.

That is a huge shift and they are rockstars! I give them SO much credit.

And they are like you….they are moms, they are wives, they volunteer with their kid’s schools.

It takes courage to go all in.

To invest their money (which on paper they ‘didn’t have’) and their time (because they could have just given up).

I’m on a mission to show that 1:1 business coaching can turn things around and isn’t just for already ‘successful’ businesses. It’s for anyone who is willing to go all in on themselves and their business.

Obviously, I would never want someone to put themself in financial peril. AND I know the literal thousands and thousands of dollars that can be generated from getting support and turning the ship around.

If you’re feeling like high-level business coaching is out of your budget….gift yourself my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit call for more clients and cash. This is 30 minutes of my 8 years of experience in the online space supporting countless clients to increase their revenue by tens of thousands of dollars.

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