5 Ways To Prepare for 2022
Posted on December 23, 2021

5 Ways To Prepare Your Business for 2022! 

1 – Get set up with QuickBooks Online or another online bookkeeping software.  

2 -Start entering and reconciling your books monthly or work with a bookkeeper to do this.

3- You gotta keep ‘em separated…Business and personal expenses that is!

4- Set up a weekly money date to review cash coming in and out.  I like Money Mondays but that’s just me!

5 – Start planning out your year- look at revenue and expense projections.  Revenue fluctuates for everyone so make sure you’re setting some aside when cash is flush. 

These are a few very basic things to get you started! I also recommend working with an advisor to create some accurate projections and the budgets to go with them.  As you move through the year it’s important to see where you’re off course and start correcting.     

Did you know we offer free calls?  When you’re ready message me and we’ll talk- because your success is inevitable! 

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