Posted on February 5, 2023

I’ve built a 6️⃣-figure business (and pay myself way more than I ever did working for someone else) but I don’t think my family knows what I do.

This is based on a conversation with my sister. At Christmas, everyone asks her “How’s work going?” even though she doesn’t want to think about it on vacation.

I’m the opposite. I would LOVE to talk about work but people don’t ask me about it.

My sister said, “They probably don’t really know what you do so they don’t know what to ask.”

Interesting. 🤔

When you work for yourself people may get confused about what you do all day.

If your work looks different than a typical 9-5 people may just not understand.

But guess what? My work still matters!

💰 We helped a client who overreported his revenue by $50k because he wasn’t using QBO correctly.

💰 We caught over $10k that wasn’t actually paid to our client (even though their employee ran the payment through QBO) so they were able to go back to their customer and collect it!

💰 One of my clients had a $34k launch even though she raised her price from the previous launch and took fewer recipients!

💰 One client is pivoting to a new revenue stream and has gone ALL in on the marketing and messaging to get it off the ground!

💰 One client has gone from having major anxiety when talking about money to feeling peaceful and neutral when we dive into her numbers!

💰 One client has started paying herself every single month because she knows what she brought in, what she needs to keep for operating expenses, and what money is HERS at the end of the day!

The work I do for my clients gives me chills and is hard to even put into words the joy I experience.

While my work may not make for an easy family get-together or cocktail party conversations…

I know I get my clients results and I know I am the best place for them to put their time and money for more Peace + more Profit in their businesses.

I’d love to hear about your business- Share your magic below! ✨

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