3 Things To Prep RIGHT Now
Posted on June 17, 2022

I always say, “Year-end prep happens ALL year long!” 🗓

Our bookkeepers are busy making sure these items are complete for our clients. ✅

Check out below and use them today:

👉🏻 Collect signed W9 forms from subcontractors. You can do this in @quickbooksonline@gustohq or collect a paper form to scan/attach to their vendor profile.

👉🏻 Reconcile all bank, credit card, and loan accounts. Investigate/clear up anything not reconciled. Ex. was it a duplicate or did it never actually go through?

👉🏻 Clear up your ASK transactions. There are always those expenses that don’t have a clear vendor name or you just don’t remember what they were. Do some research to figure it out NOW so you’re not scrambling to remember in December. (Yes I ❤️ a rhyme 😂)

If you’re scratching your head about ANY of this book a FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale Call! 🔗 in bio.

You’ll walk away with insights into your strategy and the exact next steps to start organizing and implementing! 👏🏻