$20k Revenue “Secrets” and Unlikely Lessons for Five-Figure Months: I’m Spilling It All
Posted on September 28, 2023

You’re constantly searching for what ‘works’.

You’re constantly wanting to know ‘how to grow the business’.

You’re trying to figure out how to be consistent in business AND not burn out.

>>Hot tip: All the “hot tips” online aren’t going to solve your problems! <<

My guess is…you already *know* what you should be doing…but are you doing it?

More information isn’t going to change you not implementing.

More templates or freebie downloads aren’t going to get you to do the dang thing that you’re too wildly uncomfortable to do.

Another course or program is just going to tell you something you already *know* but just aren’t willing to implement.

As a multi-six-figure fully booked-out coach who’s been in the online space 8 years….looking for more information is actually what is holding you back from the full client roster and $10k (plus) months you so desire!

Thinking something ‘out there’ is going to *fix* your business or *fix* you is totally BS and run far away from anyone who says so.

Instead of wasting even more precious time and money….I’ve got some unlikely lessons for you I learned while building my own consistent $20k months in 30 hours a week!

This week is my FREE masterclass $20k Revenue “Secrets” and Unlikely Lessons for Five-Figure Months: I’m Spilling It All.   

I will give you my *exact* process that have created consistent revenue and clients in unlikely ways.  As I’ve built my own profitable, six-figure business it’s been imperative to do this work! As a special *bonus* you’ll receive a playbook to have on the livestream and keep so you can do these exercises going forward whenever you need them!

If you feel like you’re ready to stop constantly looking for the next program, course, or template and actually BOOK A CLIENT already….I invite you to join this livestream!  We will get clear on the unlikely lessons holding you back from your own $20k months.

You’ll also be entered to win a FREE Coaching call with me (my clients pay good $ for these and my 1:1 spots are full) to help you get my eyes and brain on to you get fully booked and build your own multi-six-figure business.

See you this Wednesday at 12pm EST (or catch the replay) so you can bust through your own BS and get the clients + cash you want!

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