2 things I didn’t do to grow my cash by $32k last year 👇
Posted on February 8, 2024

1️⃣ I didn’t change my offers.

2️⃣ I didn’t change my strategy.

YES we tweaked.

I tweaked messaging and made it even MORE personal and spoke more from my heart.

I tweaked the masterclasses. I did less of them but put MORE effort into them.

I tweaked the focus of my FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit calls. I used the data from previous free calls to get even MORE specific with the problem I could support someone to solve.

Maybe you didn’t grow your cash last year.

Maybe 2023 felt like a gut-punch year.

I know it did for so many people! But if you’re still here. If you’re still in business. If you didn’t close your doors…THAT is something to celebrate! 🎉

AND…2024 can be the year you turn your client roster and revenue around.

NOW is the time to build the momentum. To get a full pipeline of potential clients who are ready and jumping off the fence to work with you at any moment.

NOW is the time to tweak the strategies for more clients + cash this year.

In February, I have TWO intensives available! Is one meant to be yours?

We can use this time to look at your messaging.
👉 Are you speaking to the problem you solve?
👉 Are you sharing your mess and your journey?
👉 Are you owning your magic and what you know is possible?

This is how you bring in more leads, more clients, and more revenue. Your messaging needs to be on-point so that you’re not wasting your time when you post to social media.

To make this a no-brainer, your best next step is to book a FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit Call for more clients + cash. This is a free call and opens the door to the conversation and the support you can get.

Stop kicking the can another year and gift yourself some FREE support so that the $10k months you so desire become your new normal.

Your spot is waiting for you! 🎉 Comment “$10k” to grab your spot!

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