2 Secrets You Can Steal To Sell More This Week
Posted on April 25, 2023

There’s one big problem I see a lot of business owners make when it comes to selling their offer: they see selling as separate from everything else they’re doing. But if you’re a business owner…selling needs to be a breeze and baked into your weekly actions. If you’re feeling like…. -you don’t know how to sell -or that you’re tired of guessing where your next client will come from -or you have so many ‘to-do’s in your business that it’s hard to think about adding more ….this one is for you! In this week’s livestream, I’ll break down two hacks you can use to easily implement selling into your business. The goal is to fill your sales pipeline so that when you have open spots…someone is ready to take it! You’ll leave this livestream feeling empowered that you’re no longer starting your day with, ‘Where do I even start?’ Join live so you can ask questions and get the details to use in your business to sell more this week!


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