Posted on February 19, 2021

“Payday comes, and he’s a howlin’ at the moon.” -Iris DeMent & John Prine
Your business is growing and you can’t handle the work- you want to hire your first employee- congratulations!

Did you know it costs more than $4,000 on average to hire a new employee? That’s why hiring the right person will help save you problems later on.

Here are some items to consider before hiring:

-Do you NEED an employee or can a subcontractor supplement instead?

-Can you afford an ongoing employee? Remember, it will cost you more than the salary.

-Be sure you define the role and establish company values.

-Make sure you have an EIN.-Know your business tax requirements.

-Know your legal requirements.

-Find a payroll provider that can work from a mobile device, automate the process, reduce paperwork, and help you comply with the laws. I recommend Gusto for this!

I know this is a lot but hiring employees is a big decision! It affects the business financially and hiring the right person is imperative to your continuing success!

Sullivan’s Island, SC