👟 Having the latest running shoes won’t make you the fastest runner.
Posted on March 14, 2023

👚 Having the most expensive workout clothes won’t make you the most flexible person in the room.
🧘🏻‍♀️ Going to the ‘coolest’ yoga studio in town, doesn’t mean you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

They can be *fun* but aren’t the reason you lose 10 pounds, build a six pack, and increase your energy levels.

Same for business.

I see SO many business owners who feel like they can’t get fully booked or reach their take-home pay goals because:
“I need to update my website in Q1 so don’t have the funds to work with you.”
“I’ve spent a lot of money on branding photos so need to wait to work with a coach.”

I’ve got news…those things don’t book clients and increase cash!

I’m not hating on that stuff but if you don’t have a great offer that you’re talking about constantly in front of your audience and other audiences…the fanciest website or photos aren’t going to do sh**!

I built a six-figure business with a homemade website and my iPhone photos!

I see people give their power over to the things they *think* will get them more clients and $10k cash months…when they aren’t actually doing the things that will get them more clients and $10k cash months!

It totally goes to show how much our brains want to focus on the ‘safe’ thing. Spending on these ‘business expenses’ is fun but NOT the thing to get you fully booked and make multi-five and six figures each month.

If you’re feeling totally exposed and called out right now…no worries…we’ve all been there! I took an email course when I didn’t even have an email list.

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