❝We can crack this thing wide open.❞
Posted on June 19, 2022

These were the words I heard at a recent non-profit board meeting.

We can crack this thing wide open 🧐

For weeks, that really stuck with me. I had no idea why but it did. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Then in my mastermind call, my facilitator said the same thing to me. I realized that’s what I needed to do. So I did.

⏺ I cracked wide open to my husband. I told him things that I just hadn’t said before. Goals and dreams I had that I was too scared to say out loud.
⏺ I cracked wide open to my clients. We talk about things that normally CPAs and bookkeepers don’t talk about.
⏺ I cracked wide open on social media. I used to post things that I thought a CPA/bookkeeper “should” post. Like, “don’t forget to pay your quarterly taxes” or “differences between an employee and subcontractor”. Then I realized the business owners I’m talking to can get bored with that stuff! They are savvy business people and it’s okay for me to talk about other things.
⏺ I cracked wide open and it felt free. Like me. Fulfilling. 😊

I can show that I care about business owners AND their success.

After I post this, everything in me will want to go back and delete it. But I felt like it needed to be said. And maybe you needed to read this today.

I see this feeling in the business owners I talk to. We censor how we show up. We don’t let ourselves open up in order to protect ourselves.

It’s a double edge sword…we may ‘protect’ ourselves from criticism but we also block ourselves from accepting the amazing things!

What are your thoughts? You can be truthful with yourself! You don’t have to tell us, but think about how you minimize yourself to stay ‘safe’. What do you want instead? 🤔

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