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(for $10k months without burning out)

I’m talking to my VAs, Social Media Managers, Bookkeepers, Data Strategist, OBMs, Copywriters, Designers, and CPAs- YOU are my people!

This FREE strategy call is to help you turn your DFY skills into a new offer positioned to scale your DFY business that new clients will be ready to pay a premium for so you can reach those $10k months without working more hourse + burning out.

Ready to stop trading time for money?

Maybe your service-based business worked for you for a while…

Your done-for-you services filled so quickly that it made your head spin!

Those services brought in some quick cash so you could make a living while working at home, working around your kid’s schedules, and giving you the flexibility to create your perfectly imperfect life.

BUT…you’re trading time for money and starting to wonder ‘Is there more than this?’

More than just trying to be the low-price leader to book clients.

More than just chasing your tail not being able to get ahead of the work and paying yourself more.

More than just feeling burned out because you’re ‘full’ but still don’t have any money left over at the end of the month to show for it.

You’re ready for something different.

Maybe you’ve thought about taking those DFY skills and turning them into a course, a coaching program, or supporting clients in a mentorship capacity.

But what would that even look like AND how?

I hear you. I’ve been you!

8 years ago I was charging $35/hour as a bookkeeper (my first client talked me down from $45/hour).

Today, I’ve had 34 consecutive five-figure months as a 1:1 business coach.

Here’s what I know as a DFY provider, you are in a beautiful position to support your clients on a deeper level.

You know them, their pain points, what they need, AND you know how they can grow their business with your unique set of skills.

Jordan Ilderton
Jordan Ilderton Masterclass

Introducing my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High-Ticket Offer.

On this call, you’ll get clarity around what YOU bring to the table that can be packaged into a course, coaching container, or mastermind program as a higher-touch/higher-ticket offer.

We’ll define where the gap is between what you offer and what your clients really need. You’ll walk away with a clear offer so that you can support them in a way that most providers can’t AND that pays you those higher rates so you can make those $10k months on repeat.

Your clients are waiting for you to take this next step and create those services that only YOU can provide.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Read this far and still aren’t sure if this call is for you?

Maybe you’ve never had a free call and aren’t sure what to expect.

Let’s break it down!

We’ll start the call with a friendly overview of who you are and who your business supports.

We’ll talk about the experience and knowledge you bring to the table with your DFY services.

Then we’ll look at the gap between what you offer and what you know your clients could use more of. This is the gap we want to fill with your new offer!

Yes, the online space is saturated but no one out there has the same skills and background that you do, and no one offers it in way that you do. I believe there is room for all of us!

Then we’ll talk about what kind of service works for YOU!

*Spoiler* It doesn’t have to be coaching! Yes, I’m a 1:1 coach and have so many clients who are not! We want to create a new offer that suits your personality, how you like to show up, and that suits your lifestyle. So this could be a course, a group program, a mastermind, consulting…we tailor this offer around YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 -Do I need to be at a certain point in business?

You do NOT need to be at a certain revenue number or have been in business a certain length of time.  You DO need skills and experience and we’ll take those and repackage them.

– What if I don’t want to be a 1:1 coach?

That is totally FINE!  We’ll create an offer that represents YOU.  How you work the best.  The schedule you want and that fits with your life.  Yes, I’ve built a multi-6-figure business with 1:1 and I know it’s not the right option for everyone…MOST of my clients have different offers than me!

– What if I don’t want to repackage my DFY services?

That’s fine…this call isn’t for you then!  You can keep offering your same services at your same rates.  If anything ever changes and you’re ready for more money with more freedom…you know where to find me!


Stop pricing yourself out of the market

and instead create a strategy service that will bring you to $10k months!

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